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FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders $150+

FREE deo sample pack for orders $100+ (must add to cart)


Return your jars for store credit! If you don't have access to recycling, this is a great way to make sure your product containers/packaging doesn't go to landfill. Save them over time to only pay for shipping once. 



Please make sure to read and follow our guidelines to receive credit.

  1. You must have a Rewards Account with us to receive credit. Click the gift icon on the bottom left corner to enroll!
  2. Earn 100 points (100 points = $1) per full size glass jar (2oz, 4oz, 8oz), Cleansing Oil bottles, and Hydrosol Toner bottles. Returning the lid/cap isn't necessary to receive credit but we will recycle it if you return it. 1oz jars, metal tins, and cardboard tubes are not eligible for store credit, but we will happily accept them to reuse, recycle or compost.
  3. We will only accept our own glass containers in exchange for points. Please do not ship another company's packaging. Only our full size glass jars are eligible for credit, but we will accept anything purchased from our site to be responsibly disposed of.
  4. Jars must be completely clean of product and label residue to be eligible for credit. We will accept damaged jars, but they will not be eligible for credit. 
  5. We will also accept our packing materials to reuse or recycle, such as our corn starch peanuts, kraft paper, cardboard boxes, paper tape, etc.



Step 1

Clean and scrub out your jars of remaining product residue and remove the label. Receiving already-clean jars makes the sanitization process a million times easier for us, so we greatly appreciate it :) Labels are 100% biodegradable and are easily removed by soaking in warm water.

Step 2

Include your FULL NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in the package. If you do not include your email address we cannot guarantee you will receive points.

Step 3

Ship your jars to our studio. Please do not drop them off in person.

Sustain Yourself
1101 Stinson Blvd, Ste 115
Minneapolis MN, 55413 

Step 4

Once we receive your jars, we will add the credit to your account in the form of points. For every jar returned (2oz, 4oz, 8oz, cleansing oil bottles, hydrosol toner bottles) you will receive 100 points. 100 points = $1. 



Tare Market
Tare Market in South Minneapolis will accept our empties for money off your next purchase with them:
2/4oz jar = $1 off
1oz jar = $0.50


We are a very small business, so we cannot cover shipping costs for jar returns. Please reuse your original packaging to return your empties to us, or eco-friendly shipping materials <3
Please save as many jars as you can over time before shipping them to us to save money on postage and reduce carbon emissions. 


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