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No more disposable cotton pads for me!

I’m in love with these cotton pads! They are soo soft!. Finally I found the perfectly gentle ones for my under eye area. Highly recommended!

Not for my skin condition

I have a skin condition called malassezia or fungal acne so this product doesn’t do anything good to my skin

Hi Andrea! Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear our Cleansing Oil didn't work for you. Although Cleansing Oil is ideal for most skin types, it is not suitable for severe skin conditions like fungal acne due to the likelihood of yeast feeding on the oils. We have added this to our product description for better transparency. -Sustain Yourself

Amazing, as always!

The deodorant is a perfect creamy texture with a balanced scent — not too overpowering. Hands down my favorite deodorant.

bamboo spoon
Jennifer Thomassian
perfect size

Love this spoon for the deodorant and the detox!

cleansing oil
Jennifer Thomassian
Love this!

This oil has changed the look of my skin and I am beyond pleased! I actually look forward to applying it and often times leave it on and it actually keeps my skin looking fresh all day!

deodorant & detox bundle
Jennifer Thomassian

I received the oil, trial size deodorant multi pack and reusable cotton swabs as a gift this past Christmas. I loved it all so much I ordered an extra oil and the detox bundle because I immediately fell in the with the products! Although it takes some adjustment to the deodorant I am beyond hooked on my new additions from this company. So much so that I just purchased another bundle to make sure I don't ever run out. The ordering process was quick and delivery was surprisingly quick. I would definitely recommend this company and their products 🤩

Lemony Lavender Goodness

This smells amazing and I enjoy my subscription. When I went to make a change it’s so easy to send an email for an alternative scent. This is a staple in our home and one jar lasts a year.

lotion bar
Elizabeth Fowler

About five years ago I moved from Florida to Massachusetts and my skin has been unhappy every winter! This is the first product to keep me from having cracked and bleeding hands during the winter; they got especially bad during early covid. It is amazing!! After adding it to my nightly ritual, my fiance got jealous and now we both use it every night before bed! Thank you and please keep making this forever!

Love this tinted lip balm!

I haven't ever really been a fan of tinted lip products, but I love this one! It helps with when my lips are chapped, and also adds a nice pop of color.

Unscented Body Butter - excellent product !

Your Unscented Body Butter is an excellent product. Well made, spread easily on the skin and absorbs quickly. Excellent moisturizer.

Very lovely

I have eczema on certain areas on my body and this stuff legit healed my skin! This is perfect to layer on after a warm bath. I bought two for my mom and myself!

So so SO SOFT!!!

I love this product!! Not only is it reusable, but I’m certain that it’s made my skin better. It’s so gentle on my eyes when I’m removing eye make up, or when I’m applying toner to my face. Very important area to care for!! It pairs perfectly with the cleansing oil🙏🏼

organic peppermint bark body butter
Jess H.
Love the peppermint!

I love all the lotion products, but especially love the seasonal peppermint lotion. Goes on smooth and doesn’t irritate my skin :)

Fun to try out every scent

Great for finding your favorite scent! I really enjoy this pack because it’s a very low risk way to try every scent and to try out the formula. I like having this packing and jumping around from scent to scented. Personally I can’t pull off this deo on an every day basis because I sweat too much at work and it melts off (and tbh I’m actually too smelly most days). I keep it around for lowkey days, at home days, cold weather days. Like a lil moisturizing vacation for my pitts lol. For what it is it’s fantastic, there’s kinda no way to know if it will work with your body chemistry until you try it out. No matter what, it is very soothing and conditioning and smells great

organic peppermint bark body butter
Julie Rodriguez
Love the formula, love this scent

I just wrote the looongest love letter to this formula under the unscented one so I’ll keep this brief lol, amaaazing formula and I look forward to them rereleasing this scent every year. It smells so naturally like the best peppermint bark you’ve ever tasted? Very luxurious and soft and delicious 😌

BEST body moisturizer for anyone, anytime

This is my all time favorite body butter!!! Please don’t hate me- I’m not really a full sustainable girly so I am comfortable buying other lotions and body butters 🫢 BUT this is actually just the BEST body moisturizer. It’s so luxurious, I took it with me to the spa and all my friends were freaking out about how great it is and how beautiful and soft we were after 🥰 also as a side note- my sister made me a copycat for Christmas (so sweet we love) and the ingredients are great but the final product is very chunky and hard to rub in. She was like yeah I don’t know how other people get it smooth 😅 they have this formula down to a t- so whipped and silky and spreadable and smells amazing. This is I think my 3rd year in q row that I but a buuunch over winter to last me through the year. Great for dry winter skin but also great for summer after sun skin, perfect for when I get a little sunburn and my skin needs tlc. Easy to use just a little or build it on thick. Also I use it like crazy and it still lasts me forever. Okay I need to stop confessing my love for this body butter but obvi I recommend you treat yourself hehe

Love this!

First time getting this scent and I love it! I think this may be my go to

Great Deodorant

I love this! I usually get this scent each time I order

cleansing oil
Katherine Dunn
Love this!

I love this cleansing oil - I use it every day

organic peppermint bark body butter
Katherine Dunn
Fav body butter!

I love this body butter! I get it every winter

Truly a Favorite

The rose geranium scent smells so good. This was my favorite out of the sample pack scents, and now I have already purchased a few jars. Great for sensitive skin and lasts throughout the day.

The Best Body Butter!

This body butter is amazing. The texture is awesome, and I love the way the lavender and natural scent of the cocoa butter compliment each other in this product. I use this every time I get out of the shower - it is truly the best!

grapefruit deodorant cream
Rebecca Cruz Ishchuk
BEST non toxic deodorant out there!

I've tried many many many brands of clean deodorants but none of them have worked for me until I tried the Sustain! It's been such a game changer for me. I bought the grapefruit scent and it smells SO good. The deodorant itself is creamy but light. It easily lays nicely on my armpit and surprisingly, does not leave white marks on my close. Overall, great product!

Probably my forever brand and scent

For the last 9 years I have tried many clean deodorants including sprays, oils and making my own or from friends and I am in love with this brand and scent. I was unsure about the rose smell but nope I love it. I’m more of a patchouli/vetiver kinda gal, so this was new for me. My husband and I always get compliments about how good we smell— the rose geranium is absolutely a favorite all around. I have tried the others and peppermint patchouli is close too. Does work well with armpit hair and If you ever have had postpartum sweats this scent if the best thing I have found to hide my strong smell. Love this brand.

Such a good gift!

Got this for my aunt for Christmas and it didn’t disappoint!! Smells so lovely and feels amazing, gifting win :)


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