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Based on 373 reviews
So soft!!!

I love these cotton rounds!! Been looking for something reusable for a while that comes with as small a footprint as possible. Definitely recommend!!!

So creamy!

I can't wait to get rid of these so I can buy a bigger tub, but the issue is that I've been using them for weeks and they last forever! Haha. The deodorant feels great on my skin and the samples have helped me better know each scent, yet I still don't know which one I'll choose cause they're all great. It's the perfect formula!


This product is incredible! It doesn’t leave you feeling sticky at all like a lot of others do it’s so moisturizing and the scent is so good and not too overwhelming my husband also loves this one!


I loved this even more than I thought I would! It’s the perfect natural tint and so moisturizing I love that it’s zero waste too! The scent is light and it wears off beautifully! Definitely will be purchasing again!

I love this!!

I sweat all the time and could never find anything that would work well that’s all natural…until now I decided to start with the detox and then this sample pack because I wasn’t sure which scent would compliment my body chemistry. It’s so convenient that there’s these samples to try each one for such a good price! I ended up loving the grapefruit scent the most and purchased the full size. Bonus I can refill these tins and use them as travel sized deodorants!

Wow! Just, wow!

In love with this deo sample package! I was already a fan of the grapefruit deodorant but now I’ve found different scents that I love equally or even more! 10/10 recommend if you’re trying natural deodorant for the first time or simply want to try out new scents.

peppermint patchouli deodorant cream

Amazing & delicious scent

So smooth and absorbs well but with olive oil and coconut oil base for my skin I always give it a bit of extra time. Has a fun cocoa lavender scent (more cocoa scented to me)

Super sheer

Love the concept of a 3 in 1 and loved the rust color in the tube but sadly for me the color once I had it one just didn't work me. I still keep trying it in the hopes that maybe my outfit color would make it work better ;)

It's soooo Good!

I love the sample pack since I wanted to find a great scent and make sure it worked for my skin. It really is an amazing product and works sooo much better than the mass produced aluminum free deo - but that might have been a no brainer. Love the scents! love that I'll also be able to reuse the containers for travel too cause I'll be buying the regular size next! Love all the scents & unscented too but lemon lavender and Grapefruit could be my fav


Obsessed with this deodorant scent. I am so glad I tried it out in the deo sample. I fell in love with this scent and will smell it during work as it’s very uplifting. And it work good too!!

Love This Set

I love these lip balms and love the variety of buying all 3 in a pack. I use the unscented before bed, the peppermint during the day, and the tinted one when I need a flush of color.

Perfect Sample Size

I love that you get to try/sample all of the scents. I am also excited to use the containers for shorter travel trips and other things. Super handy!


This is my favorite fall/winter scent, but it can also be used year round. I love this deodorant. It works so well and does not irritate my skin.

Wonderful product!

I am obsessed with their body butter. Seriously it’s amazing! So buttery smooth! I usually get the unscented as I have sensitive legs but wanted to try this scent. It’s subtle but smells sooo good!!! And the scent doesn’t bother my skin.


This is my favorite deodorant!! In my favorite scent!! A little bit goes a long way and I feel clean and fresh all day!

rose geranium deodorant cream
Mariann Lavictoire
The G.O.A.T of Deos

The best of the best! I bet that for anyone who tries natural/plastic free deos, scepticism is part of the game. This one got me buying the bulk size of two other scents. I just love it, no other will sway me, not even the *a bit expensive shipping* to Canada. In love with your company and everything you do. Thank you! :) xx

Works very well

This deo is effective and easy to apply. I love the lack of plastic and that it doesn't leave any residue on your clothes!


I absolutely love this deodorant and this scent is so refreshing! It's my favorite.


I made the change to natural deo a few years ago, but have always switched brands bc of the need to reapply throughout the day.
Been using this deo for a few weeks & haven’t needed to reapply! Definitely will purchase again.


Third time buying this and I love it so much it works basically all day unless I’m really sweaty then I just reapply a little bit. Best natural deodorant I’ve ever used and the ingredients are so clean


I'm really enjoying using this deo! It works all day on a normal activity day (work, errands etc.). I do have to reapply if I exercise or if it's really warm outside, but that is true of all natural deos that I've tried. I love that there is no plastic in the packaging, but most of all I love that you have so much control when applying and it truly doesn't leave a white residue on your clothes. The lemon lav also smells wonderful. I'm really impressed!

Not for men or heavy sweating!

Smells great and works for a short period of time. I bought this for my boyfriend because we love the lavender one, but this one didn’t work for him. I switched him to the grapefruit one and it’s his favorite one so far!

My favorite!!

It was so refreshing to find an natural deodorant that works well and doesn’t have harmful ingredients or plastic that the ones you find in store have. This one and the grapefruit one worked great for my boyfriend, strong and long lasting!


I love this it def smells more cocoa butter then lavender but either way it works so well I love putting it on after shaving my legs I’m excited to try other scents!


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