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Okay I think this is my favorite scent yet. It’s a unisex scent and smells great. I wonder if my love will start using this.

Armpit Detox
Tri Sanders

This lil miracle jar allows for a quick detox. We are down to using it once a month.

Lotion Bar
Tri Sanders
Smooth as butter

Absolutely love these lotion bars. Great for travel. I throw a few in my bag.


Constant inquiry about what I use.

Armpit Detox
C Parker

This product did not work for me, unfortunately. I really wish it had!

Hi Charity! Thank you for taking the time to write your feedback. Seeing that it has been less than a month since you received your order, our detox probably hasn't had enough time to work its magic! Although it can work instantly for some, sometimes it can take several weeks for it to do the trick. It just depends on the person, correct usage (how long you leave it on for, how much you apply, how frequently, even the quality of the apple cider vinegar you decide to use) and many other factors like which deodorant you are using, if you decide to wear any at all while detoxing, etc. We responded to your email asking for more details on how you've been using it and what specific results you expected, so we can help make sure you it works for you :) Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!
x Sustain Yourself

Happy and slightly tinted lips

I honestly could not tell what part of the packaging was a "second"; it worked great for me. I do not usually use tinted lip balm, but this balm is lovely, makes my lips feel so much happier and the packaging is ingenious. I'm totally sold.

Happy skin, happy me

I received Lavendar Body Butter as a gift, and decided to try the Eucalyptus, really on a whim. The scent is very subtle (as is the Lavendar). It goes on smooth, doesn’t feel greasy, and yet makes my skin feel moisturized and happy. I also feel so much better about being able to return or recycle the container rather than contributing more plastic to a landfill which may or may not be recycled.

New favorite!

Grapefruit is my favorite scent and after trying a smaller size we just bought 2 bulk jars to hopefully last a good long while. Amazing how quickly the application process feels normal and it really does work!

Cleansing Oil
Will not use anything else

I was very skeptical at first because I have stubborn acne and I couldn’t see oil working for my face. Well a year and a half later, my skin is so hydrated and has a more even skin tone. I will now not use anything else. This works absolute wonders. Now just patiently waiting for a bigger size…

Delightful and Subtle Scent

The scent is so subtle that I don't worry about smelling like a brothel if I want to use perfume too. The scent stays with you throughout the day and as you move, your nose will catch glimpses of rose. I don't know where the stigma for touching one's armpits came from; but I am proud to say I don't use a spatula and am proud of it! Can't wait to discover new products and scents ! Keep it coming!

Vegan 3-in-1 Tinted Lip Balm
Diana Silva Arias
Yes and no

I really wanted to like this but I don’t know how I feel about it. It feels nice on the lips and does give a slight tint to your lips. You can build up the color on your lips if you want it to show more. There’s no strong fragrance to it which I appreciate. I tried to use it as a blush but it really didn’t show up on me at all. I have a light to medium skin tone more on the olive side and it really didn’t show up on me. I can’t imagine it working on darker skin tones. It does leave my lips feeling hydrated but by the end of the day they do feel a bit dry needing more.

Love the unscented soap bars!

I’m on my third order of unscented soap bar 3-packs and they’re my favorite soap ever. I have very sensitive skin and have a hard time finding a moisturizing soap that doesn’t irritate my skin or flare eczema. This is the perfect recipe for clean, pure soap that leaves my skin moisturized. Thank you for putting out products with the cleanest ingredients!

Gentle Scent!

What I loved about it the most is when I'd catch a whiff of the fragrance randomly though out the day. It isn't overwhelming at all and it does a great job protecting me from the stinkies.

Works for full time suggested.
Love that it is all natural.
I’m a sucker for Patchouli so I had to try it. Nice scent but not overwhelming at all.

Sister love!

I recently gifted my sister this 3 in 1. I wanted to introduce her to this brand because it's created by sustainable sisters which is also very similar to us. She is OBSESSED. I also use this product before it got the new look and I still always grab for it. I love how mauve it is, and buildable. As someone trying to simplify their makeup routine this is the product for that! I love sustain yourself and can't wait for more truly amazing products you two produce

3-in-1 Tinted Lip Balm
Lindsey L Stevens
Lovely color and stay, but a bit flimsy

I absolutely love the color and how long it lasts! The cardboard tube is the best idea to reduce waste; but I think I just got a loose fitting one, as the balm doesn’t stay up unless held. However, I’m not deterred, will continue to use and love in my daily makeup routine!

Bar Soap Multi-Pack
Valerie Davis
Smells Heavenly!!

My sister loves handmade soaps, so she's pretty easy when it comes to her birthday and Christmas! I prefer buying handmade soaps from smaller businesses and since I was so impressed with your Peppermint Patchouli deodorant, I knew the soaps wouldn't disappoint. My only regret is that I didn't buy a bar or two for myself.

Great (as always)

Reliable, natural tinted lip balm

Love it!

Not received order

Still Have not received my order. Package can not be tracked

Hi Sydney!
So sorry to hear this! Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Just sent you an email <3
-Sustain Yourself team

Lavender Body Butter
Angelina Mandey
life saver

looove this so much, i am a big fan of all your lavender products

Lemon Lavender Deodorant Cream
Jocelyn Jocelyn Casillas
Best deodorant ever!

We love this and all their deodorant! We buy the biggest jar and it lasts us (me and my husband) for a couple months. Neither of us get smelly armpits either this deodorant! We love it so much and will keep buying it!


Great neutral scent and spreads easily, more mouse like texture which was welcome in comparison to thick butters I’ve tried. Great for prenatal.

Grapefruit Deodorant Cream

Love this Lip Balm

I’m very picky about my lip balm choices. I love this not only for the obvious sustainability of the packaging, but the balm is super refreshing. I really like the feel of the balm and the larger application area…just takes a couple swipes! AND my lips feel great; no irritation at all!


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