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organic eucalyptus body butter

lotion bar
Lotion bar

Like the smell, both lavender and mint.
It is a bit sticky but penetrates well. Perfect for travelling!


Nice feel, not sticky and hydrates real well.

Love it

I love the fact that it’s all natural and what about the scent!

Butter for the skin!

Love it. I have stress induced eczema and it instantly helps the itching! I wish I could sit in a tub of this stuff forever. But a little does truly go a long way.

Deoderant Sample Pack

such a great product!! I love the sample pack to figure out what scent works best for you , I esspecilaly enjoyed using the grapfruit scented deodorant !!
great car in packaging, everything was in tact and arrived just a few days after order was placed

cleansing oil bundle
Racheal Eichelberger
Great for adding moisture

The cleansing oil was good for adding moisture back into skin. I used it before my regular face wash and this this would be great for those dry winter days.

market tote
Bought 4 of them

I bought a total of 4. Keeping one for me and plan on using the others as gift bags so it will have dual purpose as a gift bag and then they can use as a tote afterwards.

Smells so fresh

I feel like I am really treating my skin to something special. I have mature skin and it is not drying. The smell just makes me smile

unscented deodorant cream
Sarah Cieslinski

unscented deodorant cream

So good

Love this lip balm! I got the unscented and now have 3 tubes scattered around so I always have one on hand. Feels so good on the lips and I love the size of the tube—other natural lip balms I’ve used are massive but this is perfect. Will definitely be buying again.

cleansing oil


I essentially have every product from SY on my shelf now and this is an AMAZING addition. It smells incredible without being overpowering and makes my face feel refreshed and balanced. I'm still new to toner (have avoided it in the past for over-drying) but the all-natural ingredients may be just what my skin has wanted! Incredibly impressed so far :)

hydrosol toner
Giselle Lammi
Rehydrate all day

This toner is amazing. I use this multiple times throughout the day to rehydrate and refresh my face. The rose smell is calming and pure. I have very dry skin and having this toner gives me the extra boost I need to get through the day!

hydrosol toner
Carina Larson

hydrosol toner

Gorgeous tint

I love how the more I layer it gets darker! So I’m able to choose the amount of tint I want from just this one product! It’s such a beautiful tint color too!

hydrosol toner
Riona Harris
Love it

It smells so good and I love to use it not just as a toner but really for anything!

Yummy smell.

I love this deodorant!! Makes me happy!:)

lotion bar
Teagan Friedemann

lotion bar

Holy grail

I am a no make up girl. A moisturizer and this amazing product on my lips and cheeks is all I need to feel confident. Thank you for creating it!!

Works well at keeping me from smelling

This deodorant works great at keeping me from smelling foul throughout the day. However, would love to see a little more potency to the cedarwood and bergamot scent. I loved the low waste packaging that was used to send the product.

3-in-1 tinted lip balm
Andrea Torres
My go-to make up

I absolutely love this product. I use it everyday on cheeks and lips for a natural look and it makes me feel so confident.

I am a latina woman and I wasn’t sure the color was going to be enough for my skin tone but IT IS AND I LOVE IT. Also, one lip balm lasted me a full year.

hydrosol toner
Lizzi Ignasher

I wasn't totally sure what to expect from this toner, but I have totally fallen in love with it. First of all, wow does it smell good. It soothes and relaxes every time I spray it. Another reviewer said "spa in a bottle" and I 100% agree. I definitely feel like this toner has been better for my dry, sensitive skin. I use it right after the cleansing oil and together they leave my skin nice and clean without feeling stripped or tight. I have also started using it on my armpits after I shave. I feel like it soothes those tiny cuts and also just kinda feels nice. Overall - I didn't expect to love this product so much, but I absolutely do. Do yourself a favor and try it. I hope one day it comes in a refillable travel size so I never have to live without it.

cleansing oil
Riley Kilfoyl
Cleansing Oil

Oil works perfect for removing makeup or just cleansing at the end of the day. My dry itchy skin has cleared because of this product 10/10

organic unscented body butter


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