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It is very silky without being shiny while still giving substantial color which is almost impossible to find! The fact that is not shiny or too much of a tint makes me feel comfortable putting it in my cheeks and lids, contrary to other products (also without a mirror). In summary this is as close to perfect as you’ll ever find; please don’t stop making it ever!!!! As one reviewer mentioned, the color is close to brown. I would love it more if it was closer to raspberry so that it could also compliment cooler skin tones like mine.

Works great!

Interesting smell but seems to be more irritating to my skin than other scents .

so good!!!

though this deo is a bit pricey for my range, I really hope to continue buying it. no other deo works this good for me, and I haven't had to reapply so far! I don't stink after 8 hours of work AND going to the gym!!

Favorite body butter on the market

This scent is everything

Absolute favorite scent out of all of your deodorants! It’s warm, spicy, musky…ugh it’s just so good. Quality is obviously A+.

Great soap

I have a hard time finding bar soap that’s natural and doesn’t dry out my skin. This soap is very moisturizing and the grapefruit scent smells great! I’ll be purchasing as a household staple from now on

It feels like a little luxury every night!

I have historically hated washing my face before bed, but now using the face oil to get my makeup off every night feels like a treat I get to give myself! I’ve been using it for about two weeks and am confident this is going to be a staple in my nighttime routine.

Love. Love. Love.

I love this stuff...and just ordered more.

Always excellent

I decided to snag a "seconds" lip balm this time around and honestly couldn't tell it was a "seconds" (not that I would have cared if I could have)! This stuff is so good.

So good!

I love all versions of this deo! The unscented option is a great choice for moments when you don't want (or can't wear) anything scented, but still want that freshness!

If Ya Like A More Masculine Smell, This Is It

This is a great deodorant if you enjoy more masculine smells. It is not overpowering, if you are wondering about that. The only reason I rate it 4/5 is because I find I need to reapply, but that isn't to say it does not work (because it definitely does!). It may just be my own body/odor. Overall, I can not say enough good things about the product and company. I appreciate Geevie and Sophia for making their products with love and intention. Thanks for reading, and thank you, Geevie and Sophia!

I Enjoy This Deodorant + Recommend!

I am currently a little more than half way through my 4oz deodorant jar and I just want to begin by saying I love the smell! It may not be for everyone, but I love the combination of the 2 essential oils. I rate it a 4/5 only because I find that I have to reapply or I am stinky by the end of the day. I do a detox every now and then, and it could potentially just be me (it's me, hi, I'm the problem lol). In all honesty, it's a great deodorant, and I would purchase it again completely. I'd also recommend it! I just want to point out to anyone that is reading this that since it is a natural deodorant, you may just need to work a little harder to make it work for you. I trust the ingredients and I appreciate how thoughtfully crafted the product is, and that is more than enough to continue to use and purchase.

My Favorite Lip Balm Ever!

This has been my favorite lip balm ever! It's a BIG tube, so it's much harder to lose (if ya know, ya know). One tube lasts so long, even with applying multiple times a day. I believe my first one lasted me a whole year, and I was using it exclusively. I love know it was made with so much love, and the best of ingredients. 10/10. I just bought a 3-pack to give my 3 besties... Sharing is caring!

The Perfect Warm and Cozy Scent

This is a new scent for me so I wasn’t sure how I liked it at first, but it has totally grown on me. I look forward to using it every morning, it’s such a warm and comforting scent! Perfect for the Fall/Winters months 🤍


This review is for the tinted lip balm. As a tinted lip balm it’s moisturizing and adds great color. As a blush it lasted 14 hours on my cheeks!

Still on the fence…

Have previously acclimated to and aluminum free deodorant prior to trying this. Two days of use… both days it barely lasted 8 hours. Definitely did Not stand up to my 12 hour nurse shift. I’m not usually a stinky sweater, but after my 12 hour shift I was starting to smell. Will give it a few more days before I make a decision on it though. Grapefruit / peppermint/ and the tonka scents are nice. Still on fence of whether they will last..,

Good product. More brick red than ruby.

It’s a pretty color . More brick red than ruby. Good product. Decently moisturizing.

Great way to try them out

Great way to sample the scents and also have travel sizes!! Great deodorant!!

The real deal

I have tried several of the natural deodorants and this is great!! A little goes along way and works great!! Highly recommend

unscented body butter
Audrey Ochtrup-DeKeyrel
EXTRA good for sensitive skin

I tragically learned I am unable to use any of Sustain Yourself’s scented body butters or deodorants due to the essential oils (curse you contact dermatitis). Imagine my joy when I realized they had unscented versions of BOTH! My unscented body butter has left my body buttery and dermatitis-less. So happy I can still support this amazing small business :)

Favorite Scent!

This scent is absolutely unreal and amazing! I thought I loved the others, but this one is my favorite. It is still the effective deodorant that I love from this company as well.

deodorant & detox bundle
Sadea Slaughter
Amazing detox but deodorant subpar

The detox is amazing but the deodorant does not stay smelling well while wearing it.

Hi Sadea! Thank you for your feedback! So happy to hear the detox worked well for you ❤️ There is sometimes a transition period with natural deodorant but regular detoxing will help a ton! We recommend doing it every other day to start out until you notice the deodorant becomes more effective. Something we also highly recommend doing is washing armpits in the shower for 30+ seconds each with a loofah or sponge to make sure yesterday's deodorant, dirt, bacteria, and excess oil are removed from the pores. This will help our deodorant absorb better into your skin. Hope these tips help!
xSustain Yourself team

I use it everywhere

I know its meant for the body, but I find it's one of the best ways to keep my face from getting dry and cracking too. It is honestly some of the best body butter I've ever used.

New favorite scent

I wasn’t sure about this scent cause I often find myself not liking patchouli heavy scents…but this is my absolute favorite scent sustain yourself has ever made (even more than when they had sandalwood). It’s the perfect warm cozy scent for fall/winter and the scent sticks around all day.

Cinnamon Clove Smells Amazing

I dont typically leave reviews even though I absolutely love love LOVE all the products that I’ve bought from Sustain Yourself. But just the SMELL of this Cinnamon Clove soap had me running to leave a positive review. I can’t imagine how it will feel on my skin when I take my first shower with it. I’ll probably feel like a warm Chai Tea Latte. Making my second purchase right now! I hope you can bring this as a holiday classic!


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