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We are a mighty team of 2! Here is a little bit about who we are personally and what we bring to Sustain Yourself.



Hi there! I’m Geevie (short for Genevieve), I am a Taurus and I am the co-founder of Sustain Yourself. I started making my own concoctions when I realized that all of my everyday products were packaged in plastic and contained questionable ingredients. The beginnings of this business were fueled by my interests in sustainability, content creation, and homeopathic living. I’ve always had a deep passion for making things with my hands and finding solutions to my problems.

You’ll find me exploring thrift stores, scouring through FB marketplace for my next second-hand treasure, making all of my own products (duh), creating Pinterest boards for everything imaginable, painting, baking, traveling, running, and pilates. I also eat a lot of tofu, love plants and kitty cats.


I handle creative work, marketing, operations, product development, deodorant & lip balm production, shipping, and customer service


Grapefruit Deodorant Cream, 3 in 1 Tinted Lip Balm & Cleansing Oil



Hello! I started this company with my twin sister Geevie through a shared passion for sustainability and holistic living, and the need for better options in the market. It started in 2018 when I developed serious cystic acne that covered nearly my entire face. I took matters into my own hands and began making my own skincare from scratch. Alongside some dietary changes, my acne gradually cleared after about a year. This transformation catapulted my passion for natural skincare and the realization about the environmental impact of plastic packaging, and just how unnecessary it is. And so, Sustain Yourself came to life, embodying our ethos of sustainable beauty without compromising efficacy.

Beyond crafting body products and sustainability, I also enjoy interior design, thrifting, knitting, reading fantasy books, traveling, doing pilates, and creating content at @sustainyrself. I live in Minneapolis with my boyfriend and two cats, Poppy & Nina.


While Geevie and I share a lot of responsibilities at Sustain Yourself, I tackle soap making, armpit detox, cleansing oil, & body butter production, product development, shipping & fulfillment, bookkeeping, and managing our wholesale accounts.


Patchouli Tonka Bean Deodorant Cream, Cleansing Oil & Peppermint Lip Balm


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