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Natural deodorant that actually works.

vegan • baking soda free • plastic-free • effective

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Our Cleansing Oil is back in stock! Get it now before it sells out.

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FREE Deodorant Sample Pack

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Armpit Detox 101

Why you should be detoxing your pits


Our Values

We believe effective products don't have to compromise our health or the environment. As a small business, we are doing everything we can to make sure we have a minimal environmental impact, from how we source our ingredients to how we deliver our finished products to your door.

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We like our deodorant how we like our friends. Non toxic.

+ NO plastic

+ NO aluminum

+ NO carcinogens

+ NO parabens

+ NO artificial fragrances

+ NO endocrine disrupters

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As seen in

Sustainable Body Care.

You can slap the word "sustainable" on anything these days. We are proud to say that we can demonstrate true sustainability in the making and selling of our products.

We are a very small business (2 person, twin-sister team!) and we consciously handcraft our products using pure, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients and low waste packaging. We focus on sourcing our raw materials sustainably, ethically and from small local businesses.

We are committed to providing products that are not only safe for us, but for the environment and everyone who inhabits it.

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Deodorant Cream Sample Packs

100% plastic-free and available for $12. Spend $100+ and add a FREE Deodorant Cream Sample Pack to your cart!

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Real reviews from loyal customers!


Best Deodorant Ever

"I have tried MANY deodorants, and all of them leave me more sweaty, stinky, sticky, and all of the things you don’t want from a deodorant. This is the first one that I have tried that does exactly what I have been hoping for in a natural deodorant. I am so glad I found Sustain Yourself!"

+ Kristin Lloyd


Dude Approved - Works Great!!

"Very effective deodorant, one application (about the size of a pea) actually lasts me two days! I have hairy armpits so I have to rub the deo in a little more but its not a problem. I know that my pits won't be stinky when I get home, even after a long day at work + hilly commute by bike! Highly recommend!"

+ Josh C.


Your unscented deo...

"My mom has sensitive skin, and she's allergic to fragrances, so deodorant has been a STRUGGLE. I've always been helping her finish deos that give her a reaction or don't work, so I ordered this one for her and it is AWESOME, thank you so much! My mom was super pumped to see it at Eastside now too!"

+ Katie


This is the best natural deodorant hands down

"Everything i’ve ever tried has burned and left my underarms red and irritated, but this is the most gentle and most effective deodorant on the market! never buying anything else ever again, love this shop!"

+ Diana V.


Buy it!

"This is seriously the best natural deodorant I have tried and I’ve tried every single big brand. I have extremely sensitive pits and this stuff makes them soft. Of course, it’s not antiperspirant so you’ll still swear (as you should). My girlfriend and I both use it daily, if not twice daily, and the 2 oz jar lasted us 3 months. Just bought the 8 oz jar! It’s that good!"

+ Avery G.


This deodorant is such a game changer!!!

"I had issues for years looking for the proper deodorant. I tried every natural deodorant on the shelves at EVERY store around and NOTHING worked until I found yours! I've turned friends with similar issues onto it too!"

+ Isabel S.



"I bought both the lip balm and the deo, and left a review for the balm the other day because I really really love it. For the deo, I wanted to try it for a while to see how it works before leaving a review, and IT REALLY WORKS! I am so so impressed and thrilled to have found it.I have been trying natural, low waste products but for others that I had before this, I could notice immediately that they did not work as well to prevent the smell and the sweating, maybe they do work but not for me personally. This does its job wonderfully and I feel really comfortable and confident going through my day. I love these products, they are my go-to now and I will be supporting your business in the future. Thank you!"

+ Kate



"I’ve never been able to find a natural deodorant that actually works for me, I think I’ve found the holy grail of natural deodorant!! Thank you!"

+ Alana

What the heck is it?

Armpit Detoxing 101

Essentially, it's a like a detoxifying face mask for your armpits. It removes impurities and build up like excess oil, dirt, bacteria, toxins, even deodorant residue, that can all impact how well deodorant works for you. If you have trouble with natural deodorant, this is for you.

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Bundle & Save

A highly requested bundle is finally here! Get 10% off when you purchase our deodorant & detox bundle, rather than purchasing each product individually.

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Grainy Deodorant? How to fix it

Our deodorant cream is handcrafted with only 4 pure ingredients. Only 4 ingredients sounds almost too good to be true for a natural deodorant that works, but when it comes to...

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Zero-Waste College Dorm

When we first learned about the zero-waste movement, we were living in a college dorm. The lifestyle at a glance seemed unattainable, especially with our living situation, but we were...

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