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Handcrafted artisan bar soap for hands and body. Scented with pure essential oils and dyed with plants & natural clays.

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Natural deodorant that actually works.

Select from our 6 scents featuring 300+ collective 5-star reviews.

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We like our deodorant how we like our friends. Non toxic.

+ NO plastic

+ NO aluminum

+ NO carcinogens

+ NO parabens

+ NO artificial fragrances

+ NO endocrine disrupters

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Sustainable Body Care.

You can slap the word "sustainable" on anything these days. We are proud to say that we can demonstrate true sustainability behind the scenes.

We are a small business (2 person, twin-sister team!) and we consciously handcraft every day essentials with a focus on ethical sourcing, sustainable packaging, and high quality, organic ingredients.

We are committed to providing products that are not only safe for us, but for the environment and all who inhabit it.

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Melty Body Butter? How To Revive It

Our Body Butter is one of our best-selling products due to its hydrating, delicious whipped texture. However, we normally discontinue it during the summer due to its temperature sensitivity. We do...

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What exactly is Hydrosol?

Hydrosol, also referred to as "plant water", is the byproduct of essential oils. It is made from steam distilling flowers, plants, fruits, and other botanical materials through the captured steam,...

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Grainy Deodorant? How to fix it

Our deodorant cream is handcrafted with only 4 pure ingredients. Only 4 ingredients sounds almost too good to be true for a natural deodorant that works, but when it comes to...

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