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Zoom bar soap multi-pack
Zoom bar soap multi-pack
Zoom bar soap multi-pack
Zoom bar soap multi-pack
Zoom bar soap multi-pack
Zoom bar soap multi-pack
Zoom bar soap multi-pack
Zoom bar soap multi-pack
Zoom bar soap multi-pack
Zoom bar soap multi-pack
Zoom bar soap multi-pack

bar soap multi-pack

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A multi-pack of each of our soaps. This pack includes: grapefruit, palmarosa, lavender patchouli, and unscented green clay. Our luxurious, ph-balanced bars of soap are hand-crafted, cut, and made with natural, organic, vegan, and palm-free ingredients. Enjoy a sudsy, lathery bar scented with only pure essential oils. Use for hands and/or body.

Our bars are delicately made with a 6-week cure time.


Grapefruit: *^olive oil, distilled water, *+coconut oil,*+unrefined shea butter, *cocoa butter, *^sunflower oil, **sodium hydroxide, *^castor oil, *bergamot essential oil, *grapefruit essential oil, *upcycled orange peel powder

Palmarosa: *^olive oil, distilled water, *+coconut oil, *+unrefined shea butter,  *^sunflower oil, **sodium hydroxide, *castor oil, pink rose clay, *geranium essential oil, *lavender essential oil, *palmarosa essential oil

Lavender patchouli: **^alkanet infused olive oil, distilled water, *+unrefined shea butter, *+coconut oil, *^sunflower oil, **sodium hydroxide, *^castor oil, *lavender essential oil, *patchouli essential oil

Unscented green clay: **^olive oil, distilled water, *+coconut oil, *+unrefined shea butter, *^sunflower oil, **sodium hydroxide, *^castor oil, french green clay

*certified organic
+certified fair trade

**none remains in final bar

Ingredient Benefits

Olive oil: protects and hydrates, healing, nourishing, antioxidant, anti-aging, antibacterial

Shea butter: moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, healing, restores skin elasticity, calming

Coconut oil: hydrating, anti-inflammatory, healing, calming, cleansing, antimicrobial

Sunflower oil: moisturizing, promotes skin elasticity, rich in antioxidants

Castor oil: moisturizing, healing, antioxidant, antibacterial, rich in fatty acids

How to use 

Lather over hands or body with warm water. Optional - for body wash, follow with a moisturizer like our Body Butter

How to store

Store on a soap dish with adequate drainage in your shower or sink, keep dry between uses.

Shelf life

12+ months if kept in ideal conditions.

End of life

nothing left ;)


Please note: Our products are handcrafted in small batches. Due to the nature of natural and organic ingredients, changes in color, consistency and scent are expected. This does not impact the quality or efficacy of our products. Since we like to keep it natural, and don't add any harmful additives or stabilizers in our products, our products can get a little melty or slippery in the summer. 

Customer Reviews

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Alison Baxter
Just perfect

I love all of these bars. They smell wonderful and create a great lather, and I'm happy knowing I'm not putting any harsh chemicals onto my skin. You girls have done an amazing job. I am so happy I found your company!


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