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Zoom deodorant cream sample pack
Zoom deodorant cream sample pack
Zoom deodorant cream sample pack
Zoom deodorant cream sample pack
Zoom deodorant cream sample pack
Zoom deodorant cream sample pack
Zoom deodorant cream sample pack
Zoom deodorant cream sample pack
Zoom deodorant cream sample pack

deodorant cream sample pack

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Finally! A highly requested sample pack of our deodorant cream is here! Our Deodorant Cream Sample Pack includes 6 small tins featuring each scent we offer:


  1. Grapefruit
  2. Lemon Lavender
  3. Rose Geranium
  4. Cedarwood
  5. Peppermint Patchouli
  6. Unscented

Each sample is contained in a 1/2 oz screw-top tin and contains 1/4 oz (9g) of deodorant cream. It's a very small amount, but each tin contains enough deo cream to last a few days. Labels are 100% biodegradable.

The point of this pack is to sample all of the scents we offer. If you would like to only try one or two of our deodorant scents, we offer a 1oz Travel Mini size of each deodorant, that can be purchased individually. Sample sizes of our deodorant cream cannot be purchased individually.

Our deo is the perfect plastic-free, effective, and clean alternative to disposable and toxic deodorant. Get to know your body and try a deodorant cream for a change! Our formula is free from baking soda, a common irritant in natural deos, and is handcrafted in small batches using gentle, yet mighty, ingredients that effectively battle odor, while keeping your pits soft and hydrated, yet dry and rash free.


It took a lot of trial and error, and the reason it took so long is because we didn't want to compromise on keeping our business zero-waste. We searched endlessly for biodegradable packaging options and metal tins is where we landed! Completely plastic-free and endlessly reusable, they are the most durable and protective material to contain a small amount of our precious deo. Sure, there are cardboard containers, but those are not stable enough for our deodorant (it can get a little melty in the summer time).

Don't want to keep your cute little tins? Keep your original packaging and return them to us! Check out our Jar Returns footer link for more info.

Please note: Our products are handcrafted in small batches. Due to the nature of natural and organic ingredients, changes in color, consistency and scent are expected. This does not impact the quality or efficacy of our products.


*arrowroot powder, +*shea butter, +*coconut oil, magnesium hydroxide (food grade)

essential oils blends by scent:

grapefruit: *pure essential oil blend of grapefruit, sweet orange, lemon, and bergamot

lemon lavender: *pure essential oil blend of lemon and lavender

cedarwood: *pure essential oil blend of cedarwood, bergamot, and lemon

rose geranium: *pure rose geranium essential oil

peppermint patchouli: *pure essential oil blend of peppermint and patchouli

+certified fair trade
*certified organic

Arrowroot powder: absorbs moisture

Shea butter: moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, healing, calming

Coconut oil: moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, healing, antimicrobial

Magnesium hydroxide (food grade): a gentle, toxic-free deodorizer, most commonly used as a dietary supplement

Essential oils: antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, etc.

how to use

1. Scoop a pea size amount of deo using your fingertip, the back of your fingernail, or one of our bamboo spoons. (use one pea size amount per pit, or one for both)
2. Rub between fingers to smooth, then apply like you would lotion, onto clean and dry pits (after showering), and rub until fully absorbed.
3. Reapply as needed, after wiping your pits clean with a damp towel.

how to store

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid keeping your tins in a hot car in the summer- the deodorant will melt and the shelf life will reduce.

shelf life

12-18 months if kept in ideal conditions.

end of life

Reuse your tins for a travel size of the products you love, earrings, vitamins, etc! If you don't want to reuse them, you can return them to us! We don't have a rewards program set up yet, but we are happy to take them back to responsibly recycle. Please mail them to 2400 North 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55411, and make sure to include your order number in the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried so many natural deodorants, how can I trust that this one will actually work?

We hear you. And we’ve tried basically all of them too before we created our own formula. We tested different recipes for about 2 years before finding one that actually worked! We can confidently say that our deodorant is one of the most effective formulas on the market. Just read our reviews! In the unlikely event that it doesn’t work for you right away, we highly recommend doing an armpit detox and trying again. You won’t regret it ;)

I have really sensitive skin, is this gentle enough for me?

Yes! Our deodorant cream doesn't contain any common irritants. We use magnesium hydroxide instead of baking soda because it is super gentle and non-abrasive. All of our other ingredients are gentle on sensitive skin as well. If you experience irritation, you may have an allergy or sensitivity to a citrus essential oil, in this case we recommend switching to our Rose Geranium or Unscented Deodorant Cream, and perhaps doing an armpit detox as well.

Which deodorant scent is the most effective?

We consider all of our deodorant scents equally effective. However, since essential oils have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, our citrus scented deodorants may be considered “stronger”, like our Grapefruit, Lemon Lavender, and Cedarwood. Our scented deodorants may also act like a perfume, leaving a fresh lingering scent. But our formula is effective enough on its own at canceling BO, without the help of essential oils, so don’t let this effect your scent preference!

Do I need to do an armpit detox before using your deodorant?

No. We recommend detoxing if our deodorant doesn’t initially work for you within a week, even if you’ve been using natural deodorant for years. Our formula is very effective, most of our customers report not needing to detox at all, even those who just made the switch from an antiperspirant to our deodorant.

Is your deodorant an antiperspirant?

No. Our bodies are designed to sweat. It is an essential function of the human body. Antiperspirants actively block sweat glands in the armpits to prevent sweating. So when you switch from an antiperspirant to natural deodorant, it’s possible you’ll go through a little transition period and experience more sweating. This transition period depends on person to person. We recommend doing an armpit detox if yours lasts more than a week.

Will your deodorant stain my clothes?

No. Our deodorant won’t stain your clothes or leave oil residue behind. Just make sure to rub it in well after a warm shower to prevent white streaks.

Does it work if I have armpit hair?

Absolutely! If you have armpit hair, we recommend rubbing the deodorant cream between your fingers to get it all nice and smooth for an easier application, and making sure you rub the deo well into your skin, through the hair.

Does it still work if it melted?

Yes! Just make sure the ingredients haven’t/don’t separate. Give it a good mix with a chop stick and put it in the fridge (optional) to resolidify. If you don’t have AC and the consistency stays melty at room temp, keep it in coldest spot possible (cool, dark, and dry) and make sure the ingredients don’t separate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Emily Pena
So creamy!

I can't wait to get rid of these so I can buy a bigger tub, but the issue is that I've been using them for weeks and they last forever! Haha. The deodorant feels great on my skin and the samples have helped me better know each scent, yet I still don't know which one I'll choose cause they're all great. It's the perfect formula!

Jessica Otto
I love this!!

I sweat all the time and could never find anything that would work well that’s all natural…until now I decided to start with the detox and then this sample pack because I wasn’t sure which scent would compliment my body chemistry. It’s so convenient that there’s these samples to try each one for such a good price! I ended up loving the grapefruit scent the most and purchased the full size. Bonus I can refill these tins and use them as travel sized deodorants!

Wow! Just, wow!

In love with this deo sample package! I was already a fan of the grapefruit deodorant but now I’ve found different scents that I love equally or even more! 10/10 recommend if you’re trying natural deodorant for the first time or simply want to try out new scents.

It's soooo Good!

I love the sample pack since I wanted to find a great scent and make sure it worked for my skin. It really is an amazing product and works sooo much better than the mass produced aluminum free deo - but that might have been a no brainer. Love the scents! love that I'll also be able to reuse the containers for travel too cause I'll be buying the regular size next! Love all the scents & unscented too but lemon lavender and Grapefruit could be my fav

Tara Holcomb
Perfect Sample Size

I love that you get to try/sample all of the scents. I am also excited to use the containers for shorter travel trips and other things. Super handy!

Robyn Janitsch

All the smells are amazing and just enough. A little bit def goes a long way! I also love the samples because I don’t need to commit to one smell I can pick different everyday and try out all the scents


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