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Zoom 3-in-1 tinted lip balm - Sustain Yourself
Zoom 3-in-1 tinted lip balm - Sustain Yourself
Zoom 3-in-1 tinted lip balm - Sustain Yourself
Zoom 3-in-1 tinted lip balm - Sustain Yourself
Zoom 3-in-1 tinted lip balm - Sustain Yourself

3-in-1 tinted lip balm

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A plastic-free alternative to disposable lipstick. 
Our 3-in-1 moisture locking tinted lip balm is unscented and completely biodegradable. It is delicately handcrafted in small batches with simple, pure, and high quality ingredients that heal and hydrate chapped lips, while also offering beautiful, buildable color. Achieve a natural blushed look with one swipe, and more intensity for a night out with just a few swipes.

Use for cheeks, lips, lids AND nose! Heck, use it all over your face if you want. A little goes a long way and you can layer for more intensity.

We demonstrate sustainability in our products by making them multifunctional and long lasting. Our tinted lip balm is 3x the size of conventional lip stick- our tubes hold 0.3oz of balm and standard lip stick is just 0.1oz! That makes our tinted lip balm $4 when compared to the equal amount of a conventional brand.

Note: This is a handmade product and is made small batches. Each batch may vary slightly in intensity, but we try our best to match them.


Mistakes happen. Rather than tossing our damaged tubes to the side, or adding them to our infinite personal stash, we sell them for a discount! Our lip balm seconds have oil stains on the packaging and/or tube defects. The lip balm inside is the same as our full price lip balm.





*+coconut oil, local beeswax, *golden jojoba oil, iron oxide, *cocoa powder

*certified organic
+certified fair trade

Ingredient benefits

Beeswax: natural emulsifier, locks in moisture, healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, soothes eczema and rosacea

Coconut oil: moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, healing, antimicrobial

Golden jojoba oil: anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamins and minerals, ultra-moisturizing, gentle on sensitive skin, soothes eczema and rosacea

Iron oxide: a naturally occurring mineral, but synthetically processed to remove heavy metals. Provides superior color purity, saturation, and outstanding dispersibility. FDA approved and certified for cosmetic-use (natural iron oxides are not approved by the FDA for cosmetic-use due to heavy metal content)

Cocoa powder: natural color

How to use

Push up from the bottom of the tube, using your finger. Apply on your lips, cheeks, lids, and nose. Apply more for more intensity.

How to store

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with water. And don't forget it in a pocket when you do laundry!

Shelf life

24+ months if kept in ideal conditions.


Biodegradable paper tube.

End of life

Compost in your backyard or city curbside bin! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
highly reccomend.

I came back to write this review after having the lip balm for two years. I literally use this every day. I work from home and it looks amazing on camera, subtle but stunning. In real life, even if i don't wear any other makeup besides the lip balm it elevates my look so much. I really recommend this. I wish there were more colors because this is truly amazing.

Lovely shade!

I was worried about the shade being too dark or not opaque enough, but that’s not the case! I love this lip balm!

Perfect tinted balm

The balm has the most perfect buildable color! I also daily use it on my cheeks because the color is so easily buildable anywhere!!!

Meg B

Love this product! I use it for lips, eyelids, and cheeks!

Ciicii Esquibel

Everyone should keep in mind that this color won’t look the same on everyone especially my colored ladies. With that being said i love this for my brown skin. it builds nicely on my lips and for my cheeks/eyes it gives the a good subtle color.
Being someone with naturally oily skin i will put a light layer arrow root powder on my face a few mins afterward to help with oil production as well.
Overall loveeee this product though!

Love it

Love this lip balm! I have used it as a lip balm, blush and eye shadow many times! Color stays long with all of the uses, never feels heavy. Such a great multi use product.


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