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Grainy Deodorant? How To Fix It

Our deodorant cream is handcrafted with only 4 pure ingredients. Only 4 ingredients sounds almost too good to be true for a natural deodorant that works, but when it comes to texture, it sometimes is. Because our deodorant cream is so simple, it can melt in the summertime, and go through some other changes during extreme temperature shifts. We only use ingredients that benefit you, and we try to avoid additional and unnecessary ingredients. The simpler the better!

Our deodorant doesn't contain any additives, emulsifiers, or stabilizers, making it a little heat sensitive. Sometimes, when our deodorant melts, it will resolidify into a grainy texture. This happens when shea butter melts, then cools too slowly, resulting in crystallization. Shea butter melts and cools at a different rate than coconut oil because it has larger molecules, which is why a lot of creams and lotions on the market usually contain additional ingredients like emulsifiers, to make sure the molecules of different oils and butters combine evenly, making the texture consistent and stable. 

So why don't we use emulsifiers? It's an additional ingredient that isn't completely necessary. Our deo only really has potential to become gritty in extreme temperatures, and normally has a very pleasant creamy texture. So adding an extra ingredient as a preventative for one season seems silly. The grains are completely harmless and melt upon skin contact. But if grainy deo isn't for you, it can be revived with just a little bit of effort.

Step 1: 

Melt your deo down completely, making sure everything is mixed together and dissolved. Put your deo in the microwave in short intervals or use a double boiler.

Step 2:

Mix well until evenly combined, the texture should look like melted vanilla ice cream.

Step 3:

Put your deo in the freezer for a few hours until it is completely solid. You can leave it overnight if you want to play it safe.

Step 4:

Remove and let return back to room temp. It may take a few days for it to return to its original consistency. If you don't have AC, keeping your deo in the fridge will help keep they grittiness away!


Again, gritty deodorant still works! So we highly recommend trying to revive it if the grittiness really bothers you, to avoid wasting it. Additionally, please be aware that our deodorant can change consistency in different climates: melty in the summer and hard in the winter. This is just the charm of natural products :)

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