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Why Our Deodorant Costs $14

We're doing things differently (better).

We also believe in full transparency. So here's the tea.

Although $14 is more expensive than regular deodorant found at big box stores, we guarantee you we are not pocketing a 90% profit margin (not even close). But in order to keep our business afloat, we need to make sure our costs are covered and we can afford to keep doing what we're doing!

Our unconditional commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our operations. Our product packaging, high quality organic ingredients, materials sourcing, and everything in between is consciously and tediously researched.


1. Plastic-Free Packaging

Personal care products have a MASSIVE environmental impact; plastic pollution, toxic chemicals, unsustainable resource extraction, etc. As a small business that produces a product, we have a social and environmental responsibility for what we put out into the world, which is why we prioritize renewable materials: glass, aluminum, and cardboard.

These materials are more expensive than plastic. Not to mention that glass is much heavier, so shipping it costs more. But glass and aluminum are infinitely recyclable, whereas plastic can only generally be recycled twice before it goes to landfill and pollutes the environment (by turning into microplastics), if it can even be recycled in the first place, and most of the time it can't- like caps, pumps, straws, soft tubes. If it can be recycled, brands like to put the blame on the consumer if they don't recycle it, making it seem like it's their responsibility. But the reality is: the damage was done when it was produced, not when it was purchased.

Additionally, we go the extra mile by using biodegradable labels, which are very expensive. Even the most reputable sustainable brands out there aren't using them and opt for plastic stickers instead. This is a detail most consumers don't even think of. But stickers make it hard for glass and aluminum to be recycled and can clog up machinery. Eventually, when we grow and our finances allow it, we will switch to glass printed labels (no physical waste and less labor intensive, but 3x the cost of our current labels).


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2. Organic & Fair Trade Ingredients

We source our ingredients responsibly, with an unwavering standard for purity, organic, and fair trade certifications. We believe people should be paid for their work and everyone deserves a safe working environment. We support suppliers who pay fair wages and abstain from toxic pesticide use. Large brands often outsource materials and ingredients internationally (with little knowledge or care to how they are produced) which significantly reduces production costs.

Organic and fair trade ingredients are often 3x more expensive than their average counterparts. For example, the grapefruit essential oil we source is $398 for one liter of organic oil, VS $98 for the non organic version!


3. Business Operations

Being a very small business with little financial capabilities, we cannot afford to purchase our ingredients in massive bulk quantities. Large brands purchase their raw materials by the thousands, therefore reaching discounts and significantly reducing their cost per product, which allows them to offer competitive retail prices. Other business costs such as taxes (!), rent, utilities, production equipment, shipping supplies, research and development, paying ourselves a living wage, and so much more, determine the overall prices of our products.

If you've made it this far, thank you for supporting our business and believing in our mission!

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