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Tips For Making Your Bar Soap Last Longer

We've finally launched our Bar Soap! Our bars are carefully hand-crafted with plant-based, organic, cold-pressed, and palm-free ingredients and scented with pure and organic essential oils. Although our soaps are as clean as can be (no pun intended), natural soap can also come with tricky circumstances that can be avoided if you take the right steps. 

Bar soap, if left in unideal conditions, can become squishy and mushy where it sticks to the surface that it's sitting on, rendering it difficult to use.

The best way to keep it from becoming mushy is to allow it to dry completely between uses. Storing it away from water and choosing the right soap dish will help. Look for a soap dish that provides proper ventilation all around, so avoid ones that are flat on the bottom. Ones with little holes, ridges, or bars are best. And when shopping, it's always best to support small businesses!

Here are our favorites:

Soap dish tray

If your soap reaches a mushy point of no return, you can either choose to squish it onto a new bar a let it dry, or use a soap saver bag and use it as a soapy luffa. 


Storing soap

With soap bars that you're storing for later use, keep them in a dark, dry place. You can reuse those little silicone moisture catching pouches that come from supplement jars to keep them dry.

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Ray a DeSimone

i’ve tried all the non chemical deodarants and none have worked over the years. I’ve done your detox 3 times now and using your product regularly and i cant believe it works as good as the commercialized chemical . I just ordered the detox and deodarant for my wife. thank you

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