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What exactly is Hydrosol?

Hydrosol, also referred to as "plant water", is the byproduct of essential oils. It is made from steam distilling flowers, plants, fruits, and other botanical materials through the captured steam, and therefore, contains all the beneficial cellular components of the materials from which they came, including their aroma. 

Hydrosols have been used since ancient times, and it is said that Cleopatra herself preferred rose hydrosol. Rose water, aka Rose Otto Damascena Hydrosol, is especially popular because it offers an intoxicatingly sweet and rich aroma from fresh cut roses and is adored for supporting emotional well-being. In our hydrosol toner, we've also included aloe vera, due to its fresh, herbaceous scent. It has been used as a natural skin treatment since ancient times and continues to be a popular ingredient in skincare products around the world for its beneficial properties. Our organic Aloe Vera hydrosol is steam distilled from the whole leaf of mature, sun-ripened Aloe barbadensis plants.

Hydrosol can be used anytime and is mainly intended for the skin on the face for its aromatherapeutic properties, but also because it absorbs easily, can help balance skin tone and even complexion, hydrate, and allow for your moisturizer to "sink" into the skin. It's rich in antioxidants and is anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory, making it the perfect refresher whenever you need it, and also the perfect multi-purpose product. Some uses include:
Scalp cleanser: Spray directly onto damp roots after washing your hair to balance scalp pH. This helps combat dandruff and an oily scalp.

Facial mask: Mix our Hydrosol toner with our Armpit Detox and apply to cleansed skin to use as a face mask. Rinse after 5-10 minutes.

Makeup setting spray: Our hyrdrosol can help set makeup. Simply spray some on your face once your makeup is all done to help it stay in place. 

Body mist: Spray onto desired area prior to applying our Organic Body Butter for optimal absorption. 

Room/pillow spray: Rose Hydrosol encourages a sense of well-being and peace to the senses. Use it when feeling down or stagnant, or to help balance emotions. Mist your room, sheets, towels, pillows and other linens to encourage a calming sensation and help reduce stress and anxiety.

Car freshening spray: Mist the interior of your car, avoiding polished, painted and fragile surfaces.

Deodorizer: Mist underarms to help prevent body odor. Mist the tops and bottoms of feet to help control odor and to refresh your feet. The anti fungal and antimicrobial properties in our radish root ferment filtrate help to safely fight bacteria. 


Our Hydrosol Toner is 100% pure and free from alcohol and emulsifiers (with the exception of 4% natural preservative, radish root ferment, that we add for your safety). It is the most genuine form of hydrosol obtained by steam distillation of organic plant parts.
Our superior quality hydrosol is 3 times more concentrated when compared to other commercial grade hydrosols available on the market because it is specifically distilled for the purpose of producing a hydrosol. It is not produced as a by-product or even a co-product of essential oil. It is distilled using fresh plant material allowing the capture of not just all the volatile components of the plant, but more importantly, the cellular water from the living plant. This cellular water is usually lost under conventional high pressurized steam runs for essential oils, or by using dried plant material. It is this cellular water, packed with nutritious minerals, phytosterols, antioxidants, and countless other natural botanical chemicals, that bestows our hydrosol with the water-soluble aromatic and therapeutic properties of the plant.
Due to the purity of our Hydrosol, we add a small amount of distilled water to reduce its intensity, making it more refreshing. Could we just source regular Hydrosol that isn't so pure? Sure. But it would smell very different and is of less quality. If you've tried rosewater hydrosols before, you'll notice ours smells like authentic and natural roses rather than a light plant water scent.


How to use our hydrosol in your skincare routine:

Close your eyes and lightly mist our hydrosol into the air in front of you and let it fall onto cleansed face and neck, (or spray from a distance) and follow with a moisturizer. This helps add moisture to your routine and your face cream will seal it in. To use as a second cleanser, spray onto a reusable cotton round and gently swipe across the skin to remove impurities. To set makeup, spray into the air and let the mist fall onto your face. 

Where it fits in your routine:

1. cleanse (try our best-selling cleansing oil, which pairs great with our hydrosol)

2. spray hydrosol

3. serum

4. eye cream

5. moisturizer

6. makeup (if applying)

7. sunscreen

8. spray hydrosol again to refresh or to set makeup

*hint: you can spray it whenever you like!

We offer our hydrosol with a spray nozzle, as well as a metal cap option so that you can reuse your spray nozzle over and over!


xx Sustain Yourself

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